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Catalyst Logic

Organizations and institutions, big, medium, and small, public and private are looking for ways to improve their operations, and procurement integration for seamless working, find efficiencies and increase their performance. They are searching for ideas. The most innovative concept or idea, however, is not discovered by a genius at the desk, nor in the executive suite by the top king's army (Managers). It is the people who deal with the problems at the coalface, they understand the competition and they service your customers on a daily basis, they exactly know what’s needed. High-performing organizations and startups recognize the benefits of engaging employees at every level and function, in all parts of the organization and putting their ideas into practice or creating a prototype of their conceptual idea. This inclusive culture of continuous learning and innovation is what we mean by people-based innovation. This is a great way to integrate and engage people into an improved mature operational process than engaging them forcefully.

Aevron Ventures (AV) experience shows that the key ingredient to people based innovation is not focussing solely on the people who have ideas or the top managers but also on finding those innovation gladiators who

  • Ask your team, identify and encourage where things can be improved

  • Listen to people who know what can be done and record them

  • Inspire, support, and reward people to share their thoughts and ideas

  • Encourage innovators to follow through and to maintain their life's passion Motivate others to think differently about their work

  • Promote collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Aevron Ventures (AV's) Approach

The workforce at Aevron Ventures (AV) strongly believes and practices the CATALYST approach. We encourage all associations (specially Borrower) to strongly check and double-check for any gap left to be identified before pitch it put forward on the table to get funding. Innovation systems only work if entrepreneurs, founders, and employees are willing to use them. The catalyst approach provides the means to engage your employees so that all levels work collaboratively to meet organizational outcomes. You will need to have the tools to create:


  • An internal catalyst network, which drives innovation at every level

  • Systems that motivate and reward employees and capture both the value of innovation and knowledge and ideas for the future

  • A workforce that can generate and implement quality ideas for productivity and growth

  • A means of peer recognition and access to expert support from like-minded organizations and innovation specialists so that your organization strives to be the best and your reputation grows

  • A solid but flexible structure to support ongoing growth and change. In the long-term organizations will develop a culture that thrives on innovation and has the capacity to lead change in their industry or sector


In the long-term organizations will develop a culture that thrives on innovation and has the capacity to lead change in their industry or sector.


Catalyst may be a conceptual entity, individual. organization or institute mostly approach to putting together a culture of everyday innovation that can be tailored to your specific needs. It provides systems and practices for inspiring, capturing, using, valuing and recognising innovation at work and relies on analysis and knowledge from leading world organisations. It also provides first hand access to other high performing organisations to assist you take the steps towards a different way of working for productivity, engagement and growth. Catalyst not only shows you how to innovate, it provides the structure you need to turn learning into long-term action. 

Difference and Impact for Good

Catalyst provides a solid groundwork, a framework that fits into your startup, rather than a system that your startup has to fit into. It helps you to change with minimum disruption but the maximum impact (in a good way). The Catalyst approach provides the principles and support for you to create change in the way you want.

The Catalyst approach provides the principles and support for you to create and address the change in the way you want.


It is designed, implemented, and managed by your employees' pool, but links you to a team of experts and a network of different yet like-minded organizations.


It widens the opportunities for and benefits from, innovative approach across the whole organization or institution, rather than centralizing it within a small team around a few big concepts.

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Three Easy Steps to Get Funded

With no upfront/signup fees, a dedicated and experienced finance team, and a fully online process, join the growing list of campaigners and companies.

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Fill out an application form and mention your company's details, how much you intend to raise and what the funds will be used for. Once the application is submitted, Team at Aevron Ventures will review the information provided and get in touch with you within one week to take you to next level of funding.

Build Your Pitch


Build/Create your pitch, create one to three minutes of your video, upload relevant documents for investors to see. You can create your pitch using the tools and techniques available on the Aevron Ventures platform. If you need any help you can contact Aevron Ventures support.

Get Funded - Grow Business

Once the pitch is successful, reaches its target audiences, and gathers the required funds, our team will produce the agreement and the funds will be sent out. Utilize the fund to grow your company or fulfill your requirement and keep your investors updated about your campaign via regular communication.

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"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."

- John F. Kennedy 

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Aevron Ventures provide an online platform for companies/campaigners. You can register, create and manage your campaign accordingly

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Our dedicated team provides complete professional support throughout the fundraising cycle for Campaigners or Companies

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